Entrecastraux concert press review


A dynamic jazz evening with the French Sumo
Last Saturday, a converted oil press hall at the ancient oil mill of Entrecasteaux was jam-packed. Most of the spectators were either members or friends of Moulin des Arts, who had taken pleasure and appreciated the French Sumo Trio on previous occasions. Thus they were determined not to miss out on the concert on 9th November. Well, they were clearly not disappointed.
The French Sumo Trio, with their original arrangements of Latin Jazz-Afro Cubain did more than just play music. They transmitted contagious good vibes and uplifting mood that transcended the depressed surroundings. This is as much due to the repertoire which privileged the themes of memorable melodies, a piece of cake to the three jazzmen that to be a virtuoso, you don’t have to be less pleasant or extraordinarily communicative.
Yves Scotto, the pianist with seemingly tireless energy leads the group. Bernard Cesari on drums keeps an eye on his rhythms with great force and added bonus on one or more solos to variable sounds reminiscent of the great Art Blakey. And Jean-Paul accentuates everything with a double bass full of incessant vibrations.
The concert – which did not lack in strength – had two reasons with which the audience would remember by for a long time. Firstly, an original composition from the French Sumo titled “ Cuban’s School” – a combination of styles between Afro-Cuban and the American Jazz in the lineage of Oscar Peterson. And finally, a return to basics with an exhilarating interpretation of “ Glory Glory Hallelujah”, that triggered a standing ovation from the crowd.
It was a remarkable evening, full of happy faces not only among the musicians but also their audience included. A joy to behold and shared with the spirit of familiarity that ended an exceptional evening.
Translation Var Matin newspaper

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